fgo battle in new york 2022 Space Odysseus Versus Nikola Tesla

Odysseus and Tesla Take Over FGO Battle in New York 2022

It’s time for yet another Battle in New York in Fate/Grand Order (FGO). Only this time, Odysseus and Tesla are running the show. The event will go live in the Japanese version of Fate/Grand Order from March 16, 2022. The full title is “Battle in New York 2022: Space Odysseus Versus Nikola Tesla.”

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The way you go about the event is similar to in previous Festival events, such as Nero Festival and the Gilgamesh version of the Battle in New York. You play through tournament quests in order to obtain event items, and you can use event currency to spin the lottery for items. There will also be high-difficulty exhibition quests, which do not allow any retries. However, the Battle in New York 2022 will not feature any new opponents. It will rerun exhibition quests from past events.

During the Battle of New York 2022, the Chaldea Servants will face off against an army from the Servant Universe. The Servant Universe, which is the setting for events such as Saber Wars 2, is a parallel world in which all inhabitants are Servants. Aside from Saber Wars 2, the Amazones.com event also took place in the Servant Universe.

FGO is available on mobile devices, and the Battle in New York 2022 event will go live in the Japanese version only. It will begin March 16, 2022. In order to participate in the event, players will need to have finished the first Lostbelt.

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