FGO Christmas 2021

FGO Christmas 2021 Brings Santa Nightingale and Saber Astolfo

The English edition of Fate/Grand Order will begin its Christmas event soon. The FGO Christmas 2021 event is called “Nightingale’s Christmas Carol” and kicks off on December 14, 2021. Participating in the event will reward players with a free 4-Star Servant, Santa Nightingale.

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Aniplex uploaded a subtitled teaser trailer for the FGO Christmas 2021 event, as well.

The animated trailer shows off Santa Nightingale taking the reins of Christmas from previous Fate/Grand Order Santa Servants. The roster of Santa Servants includes the likes of Santa Altria Alter, Jeanne Alter Santa Lily, Altera the San(ta), and last year’s headliner, Santa/Samba Quetzalcoatl.

As the free giveaway Servant for FGO Christmas 2021, Nightingale abandons her usual Berserker class for a 4-Star Archer’s badge. She takes up the way of remote treatment, with a machine gun. Her skill loadout is focused on buffing her allies, clearing their negative debuffs, and preventing enemies from strengthening themselves in turn. Her Quick-element Noble Phantasm can also wipe the opposition’s offensive buffs, “nerfing” the damage they can do against the party.

Check out Florence Nightingale (Santa)’s Noble Phantasm animation.

Masters with some extra Saint Quartz can also roll on the FGO Christmas 2021 summoning banner, for a chance to win a 5-Star Saber-class version of fan favorite Servant Astolfo. Astolfo is a single-target Quick-element Saber, with a self-sufficient skill kit focused on charging his own Noble Phantasm, clearing his debuffs, and buffing his personal damage. His Noble Phantasm can also seal the NP of his target. This makes him useful against boss enemies with powerful ultimates. Astolfo (Saber) appears on the banner alongside the 5-Star Berserker version of Nightingale.

Here’s his Noble Phantasm.

Based on the original run of this Christmas event in the Japanese version of Fate/Grand Order, the FGO Christmas 2021 event will feature a lottery draw-style reward system. Like previous runs, players can farm battle stages for a special currency they can use to roll prizes out of a lotto box. The prizes include ascension materials, experience cards, mana prisms, and QP.

The FGO Christmas 2021 event begins on December 14, 2021, and continues through December 27, 2021. Fate/Grand Order is immediately available on iOS and Android.

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