FGO Summer 2022

FGO Summer 2022 Event Takes You to Scary Summer Camp

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The English edition of Fate/Grand Order will soon host its annual summer event, and this year’s theme is a summer camp. The FGO Summer 2022 event is formally titled “Servant Summer Camp ~Chaldea’s Thriller Night~”.

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Players will investigate a new singularity located in Japan. But it’s not beach hijinks, this time. Instead, the Masters of Chaldea and their Servants will retreat to an idyllic lakeside cabin resort. Of course, there’s more to the FGO Summer 2022 event than meets the eye. For with mountain vacationing comes the prospect of ghost stories.

Check out a trailer for the event below.


Key to the FGO Summer 2022 event is Yu Mei-ren, star of Lostbelt No. 3. She’s this year’s free event Servant. She’ll join the roster as a 4-Star Lancer-class character. As a former Chaldea master herself and the players’ “Senpai”, she’ll assist during the event story. As for the event itself, it’ll use a day-night cycle in its quest structure. Consequently, certain quests will be limited to certain times of the day, which is advanced alongside progress. Finally, objective-based missions can also be accomplished to further quest progress and unlock rewards.

With a new summer event comes new playable summer-themed Servants. The limited-time FGO Summer 2022 Servants split over two banners. One banner holds Summer Sessyoin Kiara, a 5-Star Mooncancer, and 4-Star variants of Illyasviel von Einzbern (an Archer) and Brynhilde (a Berserker). A second banner promotes Abigail Williams, a 5-Star Foreigner-class. Summer Abby is accompanied by two 4-Stars. Summer Tomoe Gozen is a Saber-class, nicknamed “Beat Saber Tomoe” by some fans. Murasaki Shikibu trades her Caster-class for a Rider designation.

Fans of male Servants aren’t left in the dark this year either. Players can unlock summer-themed Spiritron Dress costumes for Sigurd, Emiya (Archer), and Prince of Lan Ling. A separate summon banner puts the three on rate-up.

Fate/Grand Order is available on iOS and Android devices. The FGO Summer 2022 event runs from July 12, 2022 until August 1, 2022.

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