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Fighting EX Layer 1.1.4 Update Now Live With 9 New BGMs, Pullum & Rosso Colors, Matchmaking Tune-Up




Fighting EX Layer got its Ver. 1.1.4 update with several new features including nine BGM tracks, gold and silver colors for Pullum and Rosso, matchmaking adjustments, game balance, and more.




Here are details from Arika’s patch notes for Ver. 1.1.4:


Pricing and Sales

  • The sale of the Light Version and individual Gougi has been ended on PS4.
  • The prices of the Standard Version, Gougi Set, Hokuto, Color Set A have been adjusted on PS4.
  • The price of the Steam Version has been adjusted (Japan only).


New Features

  • 9 new BGM’s have been added to the default soundtrack.
  • The Gold/Silver colors for Pullum and Rosso are now on sale.
  • If your total Match Count (Wins, Losses, Ties) exceeds 1000 matches, then the Gold/Silver colors will be unlocked (Arcade Version only).
  • We’ve adjusted the way Matchmaking works so players will be able to find matches more frequently.


Game Balance

  • Adjusted the hitboxes on Jump Attacks for the entire cast.
  • Reduced the cross-up frames on Jump Attacks for the entire cast.
  • Made it so characters are not knocked back when getting hit or blocking a cross-up attack while jumping.
  • Adjusted the input for Command Grabs
  • Ryusui now has its own input (Shirase, Sanane).
  • Added a new Command Grab input for Hokuto, Allen, and Jack.
  • After Counter moves, the character is now completely invincible until the active frames of the follow-up attack.


Here are some character adjustments:



  • Jazan will always home in on your opponent’s position.
  • After a blocked Jazan, Garuda is now in a jumping state and the trajectory on the L, M, H versions has been adjusted.




  • The hitstop on Skullohead has been adjusted.




  • The H version of Shadow Press will always home in on the opponent’s position.




  • The damage on her Standing and Crouching normal attacks has been increased.
  • Shoot Kick damage has been increased.
  • Sliding Arrow now performs the grab follow-up on crouching opponent.
  • Chip Damage has been added to Sliding Arrow on block.
  • Slight change on Shoot Kick’s movement (easier for 2nd part to hit).


Lastly, some bug fixes for the update:

  • Fixed an issue where Hokuto’s hair would grow larger.
  • Fixed an issue where characters would be move in the wrong direction after being hit by Dark Wire from behind.
  • Fixed an issue where left and right positions would be swapper after Blaire’s Sliding Arrow.
  • Fixed an issue where Hayate’s cr.HP would not hit certain characters.
  • Fixed an issue where Kairi, Skullomania, and Hayate’s cr.HP would not hit certain characters.
  • Fixed an issue where Shadowgeist’s st.HP would hit certain characters in an unintended way.
  • Fixed an issue where Rosso’s st.MK would not be given dash properties.
  • Fixed an issue in Training Mode where certain visual effects would remain on screen after activating Ghost.
  • Fixed an issue in “Display” menu in Options where the displays did not properly match what was on screen.
  • Fixed an issue in the Gougi menu where sorting the Gougi would make one unable to switch Decks.
  • Fixed an issue in Training Mode where the effect of Power Reversal would not reset.
  • Fixed an issue in Expert Mode where you Win count from Kumite would be displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where your Expert Mode clear time would be saved in an unintended location.
  • Fixed an issue where unplugging and re-plugging a USB cable could lead to a crash (Steam Version only).


Fighting EX Layer is available on PlayStation 4 and PC. You can check here for more information on the update schedule.

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