Final Fantasy Agito’s Service Ends In November, Will Get A New “Reborn” Development



Square Enix announced that they’re ending the service of their free-to-play RPG Final Fantasy Agito on November 30th, and will shift towards a new “reborn” development.


After looking at the current condition of Final Fantasy Agito’s service, Square Enix have come to the conclusion that it’d be difficult to continue providing a satisfactory service for the players of the game.


That said, they’ve announced that they will shift Final Fantasy Agito to a new “reborn” development, something that they feel could provide an even better experience to players in the future. More details on its new development will be announced at Tokyo Game Show next month.


As for the players that are currently playing the free-to-play title, Final Fantasy Agito’s final story parts will be available to download sometime near the end of September or early October.


In October 31st, they will end the sale of its purchasable “Crystals” used for the game, so players will have until then to make purchases for it.

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