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Why Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Is For PS4 And Xbox One Instead Of PS3 And 360


    type0hd At E3, Square Enix announced Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, an enhanced version of a PSP game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We’ve seen upgraded PSP games before like Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep which is part of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker which was also ported to PS3 and Xbox 360.


    Why did Final Fantasy Type-0 HD skip PS3 and Xbox 360? Siliconera asked Final Fantasy Type-0 director Hajime Tabata.


    "First and foremost, I really wanted to play and see this game move on the high-end consoles. We’d consider the PS3 and Xbox 360 if the console allows would allow us to bring the game to them [in the same quality], it may be a possibility, but for now, we’re targeting bringing this to PS4 and Xbox One and focusing wholly on that," Tabata explained.


    "If anything, it just looks and runs better on those consoles. Moreover, I’m currently working on Final Fantasy XV for the PS4 and XBO, so I’m more familiar with what it takes to create a game for those platforms – but, on a personal note, and to be frank, I don’t have much experience with PS3 and Xbox 360…
    …but perhaps that may be the most important element as to why it’s going directly to PS4 and Xbox One. Since I’m human, of course, it’s natural for me to want to create on platforms I’m familiar with."


    We’ll have more about Final Fantasy Type-0 HD from our interview with Tabata soon.

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