Final Fantasy XI Dev Team Wanted To Include Dungeon Builder


FFXI Dev AMA - Dungeon Builder

Games like Mario Maker and the upcoming Dragon Quest Builders allow players to create their own levels and experience a slice of what life is like in the shoes of a game designer. Final Fantasy fans almost had such a sandbox long before Minecraft was even on the market. As revealed by the Final Fantasy XI development team, they originally had plans to include a dungeon maker that would have allowed players to craft their own dungeons.


During the FFXI Developer AMA on Reddit, Producer Akihiko Matsui and Director Yoji Fujito were asked by a fellow developer if there was anything in Final Fantasy XI that did not make it into the online adventure.


We wanted to implement a system where players can place objects on the map, and design dungeons freely themselves.


The reasons why such a system did not get made were not detailed. However, the team did explain why Auction House item slots and wardrobe boxes are limited. Read the full Developer AMA on Reddit.


Final Fantasy XI is now available on Windows PC.