Final Fantasy XIV Y'shtola Attire

Final Fantasy XIV Adventurers Can Now Cosplay as Y’shtola With Her Scion Sorceress Attire

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Final Fantasy XIV adventurers can now purchase the “Brave New Y’shtola Attire” from the Mog Station.

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Y’shtola Rhul discards her white clothing to something darker when she delves into the dark arts in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. The brave new ensemble compliments Y’shtola’s mastery of the dark arts. It’s one that fans have asked for since the third expansion launched last summer.

Final Fantasy XIV Y'shtola Attire

At first glance, the outfit appears simple and sleek, but it’s one of the more detailed attires out there from fur lining to the intricate layering of skirt frills

Get a closer look below:

Final Fantasy XIV Y'shtola AttireHere’s what it looks like on Roegadyn, Lalafell, and Au Ra characters.

Here’s what it looks like from behind.

Lastly, here’s a closer look at the Scion Sorceress’ High Boots. The Scion Sorceress attire covers a lot of it, but I get a feeling that a lot of Glamour-enthusiasts will purchase the set for the boots alone.

The Brave New Y’shtola Attire consists of the following pieces:

  • “Scion Sorceress’ Headdress”
  • “Scion Sorceress’ Robe”
  • “Scion Sorceress’ Shadowtalons”
  • “Scion Sorceress’ High Boots.”

The set goes for $12.00 via Mog Station purchase.

Final Fantasy XIV Y'shtola AttireY’shtola’s Nightseeker weapon is also available separately for $3.00.

Final Fantasy XIV is currently available for the PlayStation 4 and PC. Patch 5.2 recently kicked off, and you can check out what’s new with highlights here and here.

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