Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker EP4
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Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker EP4 Soundtrack includes Golbez Theme.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker EP4 soundtrack is now available to purchase from Amazon and the iTunes store. The fourth mini-album currently costs $5.94 and includes music from patch 6.4 dungeons, raids and trials like Pandaemonium: Anabaseios and the Voidcast Dais where returning Final Fantasy villain Golbez is fought. The EP is only available as a digital download.

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The Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker EP4 soundtrack mini album includes the following songs:

  1. “One Amongst the Weary”
  2. “Fleeting Moment”
  3. “Athena, the Tireless One”
  4. “Ultima’s Perfection (Endwalker)”
  5. “Starsbreath”
  6. “Voidcast Savior”

These songs play in-game during fights in the Voidcast Dais trial, the Anabaseios wing of the Pandaemonium raid, and the Aetherfont dungeon. These activities were brought to the game back in May with the arrival of Patch 6.4, and can reward players with orchestrion rolls of the songs on completion.

A recent patch fixed issues with players not receiving the Echo buff in certain encounters. 

Final Fantasy XIV is approaching its 10th anniversary. Square Enix launched a special website to celebrate. It’s Backstage Investigators recent interview also shed some light on the developer’s process for UI design.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is immediately available on the PS4, PS5, and PC, with the EP4 available from Amazon music or the iTunes store.

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