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Final Fantasy XIV May Let You Ride Red XIII In The Future (And Other Info)


Square Enix have put up a full 1.5 hour recording of the most recent Letter From the Producer Live Q&A with the developers of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, which is scheduled to reboot the game in the near future. You can watch the entire Q&A session below or read a transcript of it here.



Here are a few of the interesting questions that were asked and answered:


Q: So are we going to get a benchmark sometime soon?

A: We’ll have two benchmarks. The first will be available before the Beta test starts so that players can see if their PC specs meet the requirements for FFXIV:ARR. The second one will be released just before the game launches and will be bundled with character creation software.

In other words, you’ll be able to make characters to use in FFXIV:ARR before launch. If you’re wondering what character creation will be like and are thinking about what kind of character you want to make, you can check this out.

Unfortunately we can’t show the character creation system today, but there will be a tremendous amount of freedom for players to create original characters.


Q: You also mentioned that elements from the FF series would be introduced into the game; like the Crystal Tower, Magitek Armor, and the Gold Saucer. What other things are you thinking would be fun to add?

A: Well, we’ve been considering quite a lot of things, but it really comes down to timing. The team’s schedule is really quite full at this point. At one stage we were talking about being able to ride Red XIII, or even Red XIV, from FFVII even came up.

I’m a huge FF fan, so just like you, I’m dreaming of different things that I would like to put into the game as well.


Q: Are there any plans to increase the level cap? If so, when?

A: At the launch of A Realm Reborn, the level cap will still be 50. We’re already planning to implement a lot of content specifically for level 50. If we decide to increase the level cap at the time of launch, we’re going to have to implement additional content before we’re able to launch ARR.

The current plan is to increase the level cap with the next major update after launch. We will also be updating the content to reflect the increase in level cap. So the level cap increase will happen. It just won’t be happening at the launch.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to give you a time frame on when it will occur. Please note that the battle system is completely different in ARR, so even if your character is already at level 50, there’s a lot to re-learn.

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