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Final Fantasy XIV Patch 2.38 Adds Personal Housing, PvP Adjustments, And More



Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will see a new class and job with Rogue and Ninja in the 2.4 patch later this year. Prior to that, though, Square Enix have shared the latest patch notes for the 2.38 update, which features PvP adjustments and personal housing.


The most anticipated feature of Patch 2.38, personal housing, might be disappointing for some players, as many expected there to be unique wards or instances only for individual housing. However, it appears that the update will simply allow individual players to purchase their own plot of land in the housing districts of Free Company homes.


The prices for individual plot purchasing will also be roughly the same as a full FC house.


Leaders and members of free companies that already own estates can also choose to purchase plots as individuals. Players will have to be level 50 with at least one class and also have earned the rank of second lieutenant in one of the Grand Companies to purchase land.


Producer Naoki Yoshida also shared a little bit regarding the release of personal housing, and apologizes for not being able to add a larger number of new housing plots.


The Saga of the Zodiac Weapons will also continue with a new side story quest, which rewards players with new ilvl 115 versions called the Relic Weapon Nexus.


In addition to a few graphical adjustments in the Carteneau Flats: Borderland Ruins area of  the massive PvP zone for Frontline, one of the biggest changes will be the change in the Conjurer’s Cleric Stance ability, which is no longer usable in PvP.


Previously, White Mages and Scholars were able to deal a good amount of damage in PvP using the aforementioned ability that swaps their INT and MND attributes, but the change has been made for game balance purposes, with more to be expected for patch 2.4 later this year.


Finally, it is now possible to register for the Ramuh fight, The Striking Tree (Extreme), via the duty finder without a preformed party. So that means you’ll now be able to join in with random players from different servers.


Additionally, the ilvl of rewards obtainable from The Striking Tree (Extreme) has been bumped up to 110 from 100.


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The patch also adds new Hug and Slap emotes.


You can read the full Patch 2.38 notes, here.

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