Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s World Transfer Service will begin tomorrow and will last until October 21st, 2013, Square Enix have announced. The service will allow you to move your character to a different server, in the event that you have friends playing in other Worlds whom you would like to join.


Additionally, a Halloween event within the game will be kicking off on Friday, October 18th, and will last until November 1st. Titled All Saints’ Wake, the event will feature the streets of Eorzea decorated with ceremonial Halloween lanterns an costumes. A travelling circus troupe will be making their way through the city-states as well, and you can speak with them to undertake a special quest.


Finally, the video above is a look at The Wolves’ Den, the upcoming PvP arena being added to the game later this year with patch version 2.1.


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