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Final Fantasy XV On Its Different Kinds Of Magic, Summons, And A Tour Of Lestallum



It’s been a long time coming, and the release is almost there, but for now we’re happy to hear that Final Fantasy XV went gold. While waiting, check out the latest details and screenshots on magic, summons, Moogles, a tour of Lestallum, and more.





In Final Fantasy XV, magic comes in the basics of magic comes in Fire, Ice, and Thunder. Using elements absorbed across the lands and magic bottles, you’re able to purify magic. Items can also be used to purify magic, and it adds various effects such as healing attributes or status ailments upon use. Again, you can mix and purify all three elements to randomize the kind of magic you get. Noctis isn’t the only one who can use magic, as his buddies can as well.




005 006


The above images show a combination of the three elements, Fire, Ice, and Thunder, mixed with a potion in the Magic Bottle. This brings out the Thunder magic, but with an extra heal for Noctis.



There are countless ways to use magic. You can also equip elemental magic as sub-weapons for party members.



Contrary to regular magic, Ring Magic can only be done with Noctis when equipped with his Ring of the Lucii. There’s a variety of Ring Magic, but here’s a look at the Death spell.



Death drains an enemy’s HP and can take them out without leaving a trace. The absorbed HP recovers your own health. As for the monster that gets their health drained out, they’ll practically vanish away.



When it is night time, powerful monsters called “Daemons” show up.



The familiar Bomb monsters from the series will also appear as Daemons.



A powerful swing from an Iron Giant Daemon.


Daemons have extremely high attack and HP, so you won’t be able to defeat them like you would any other monster. Since Daemons won’t go chasing after you, it’s recommended to avoid them until you feel confident enough to be able to take them on.



The travel system will come in handy during Noctis and friends’ journey. The first is “Fast Travel,” which is basically a shortcut to travel back to a place you’ve already visited. This is useful when you want to speed things up.




The kind Cidney offers a service to bring the Regalia wherever Noctis and friends are, which is useful if you get separated from the car by quite a distance. However, keep in mind that you’ll need to pay for the service.




Summons, known as “Astrals” in Final Fantasy XV, have different attacks depending on where they attack. For example, the above images demonstrate Titan’s “Gaia’s Wraith” attack.




From a distance, Titan attacks by throwing giant rocks.




The following images show Ramuh surrounded by lightning. If he’s away from Noctis, he throws his spear to wherever Noctis is, as part of his “Judgment Bolt” attack.



When closer to Noctis, he pierces the ground right beneath using the spear.




Carbuncle uses the “Ruby Light” to recover HP. It also has the side effect of increasing attack and defense to go with it.



While the buff is active, you’ll see a Carbuncle icon on the status bar, along with a ruby-colored glow above Noctis’ head.



Next up is the recently revealed Moogle, which appears as a “Lucky Item” plushie in Final Fantasy XV. When surrounded by enemies, you can throw the Moogle plushie as a decoy to distract enemies.


027 028


The above images show how enemies that aggro onto the Moogle are indicated by a red glow.



You can also use Moogles offensively, by distracting enemies and creating a perfect opportunity to jump in with an attack.



If you play your Moogles right, you can even gather them together and blow them up with magic.





Lestallum is a bustling industrial city. The streets of Lestallum are filled with an exotic atmosphere. Regardless of day or night, you’ll always see shops in business and people chatting.



You’ll come across back alleys that will make you want to walk around and explore the area during your visit.



There’s also a bustling marketplace that is booming with business.



You’ll even find food stands that offer free samples of skewered meat.


Final Fantasy XV releases on November 29, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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