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Final Fantasy XV Director Still Wants To Port The Game To High-End PCs



Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata shared a few thoughts and comments on the RPG in a follow-up interview featured in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine. [Thanks, Hokanko-Alt and Hachima.]


The highlights from the interview say that American and European companies predicted about four and a half years ago that the game would sell five million units, which Tabata felt was pretty low, so he’s happy to know that the game has already surpassed 6 million. He added that the game has performed well not only in Japan but also North America and Europe, so he’s happy with the results so far.


Tabata touched up on the topic of Chapter 13’s update, to which he said he’s still thinking about adding a way to have players that already cleared it try it again. On the VR content for the game, he says that development is moving forward, but not enough to the point where they could share a solid release date.


There’s been demand to allow players to freely drive anywhere they want on the Regalia, which the director has been thinking about, but he said that it would be quite the hurdle with many difficult bugs to work on to have that happen.


Speaking of bugs, Tabata touched up on the topic of how people were able to access open areas that you normally can’t get to, such as the train maps and other large spaces, but he said they were never made with the intention of allowing players to reach directly on their own. These fields weren’t meant to be visited by the players, but he says that there’s still a chance they might remake some of the areas for future expansions. However,  making completely new areas like that would take about a year of work to complete.


And finally, while we didn’t share too much about the topic, Tabata mentioned that in the future he would like to make a Final Fantasy XV port for “high-end” PCs. He talked about  how he’d personally like to see it on PC as a technical challenge, and thinks that it would be cool to have things on it that you could only do with PC, such as your own custom quests or checking out the world using mods.


Final Fantasy XV is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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