Final Fantasy XV is Getting a New Mobile MMORPG Focusing On Large-Scale Multiplayer and Player Co-op

Final Fantasy XV Mobile MMORPG

A new mobile MMORPG of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV is in the works by JSC, Gaea, and Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group.  [Thanks, Games Talk.]

The mobile MMORPG in development uses Final Fantasy XV as a base. It currently doesn’t have a release window but a trailer will release sometime in the first half of the year.

JSC Games is a South Korea-based developer with experience working on series such as Final Fantasy, Hitman, and Just Cause. Gaea Mobile from China is co-developing the game, while the Chinese media group Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group is in charge of publishing.

The Final Fantasy XV mobile MMORPG focuses on large-scale multiplayer and player cooperation. It offers simple touch controls and more battle than the original Final Fantasy XV as a selling point. It is in development on Unreal Engine.

As for the setting, it is set in a parallel world of Final Fantasy XV. The story sets the players on a journey to save the world from a menacing threat. In addition to a world map, the game features new areas such as a floating continent and many other new additional elements.

Final Fantasy XV mobile MMORPG comes with a highly immersive story with charming characters. It is a title that puts these JRPG characteristics to good use,” said a JSC representative. “We’re doing our very best to package the flashy action and graphic level that we saw from the console version into mobile.”

The Final Fantasy XV mobile MMRPG is currently in development for smartphones. Final Fantasy XV is also getting a novel titled Final Fantasy XV: The Dawn of the Future this June.

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