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Final Fantasy XV Reveals How Moogles Will Appear In The Game



Square Enix had a little 24-hour countdown featuring a Moogle for Final Fantasy XV, and now that the tease is over, it’s been revealed how Moogles will appear in the upcoming title.


You might recall how last year, Square Enix was having a little trouble on how they should implement Moogles into Final Fantasy XV, but director Hajime Tabata mentioned that they’ll adding them into the game.


The official website has revealed that they will indeed be in the game—as items. Moogles in Final Fantasy XV will appear as  “lucky items,” and act as lucky charms that is believed to be able to help out during a crisis or difficult times. Perhaps the Moogle will help Noctis and friends when they find themselves in a pinch,


Additionally, Square Enix started a new Twitter follower campaign that adds “Moogle Rewards” when the Japanese and English Twitter accounts gains a number of new followers. There are eight rewards total, with the last one being a video showing off Final Fantasy XV’s Moogles.


Final Fantasy XV releases on November 29, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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