Rumors have been flying around saying that Square Enix recently told GameStop’s corporate that Final Fantasy XV will now release on November 29, 2016, previously scheduled for September 30.


The story about the upcoming RPG started with a report from Gamnesia last night, sourcing a tip from within GameStop management that comes from instructions for promotional material to have their dates changed to November 29. The rumors have also been backed up by sources from Kotaku and various other news outlets.



Additionally, Gamnesia followed up last night’s report with a look at an image of the said promotional material that is accompanied by the new date, which is expected to go on display on Monday, August 15.


As always, we’ll take these rumors with the grain of salt until we hear an official announcement from Square Enix. Until then, Final Fantasy XV is expected to release worldwide on September 30, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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