Final Fantasy XV Pre-Order Bonuses

The revelation of a Final Fantasy XV Season Pass has added another layer to the pre-order options for the game when it releases on September 30, 2016. Today, Square Enix has clarified that the console-specific digital pre-order bonuses for the standard game download are now being extended to the Digital Premium Edition as well.


To recap, the digital pre-order bonuses on both consoles include the Masamune sword, an Angler Set for fishing, and the 16-bit Buddies car skin. In addition, a Camera Kit and the Platinum Leviathan skin are being added. PlayStation 4 owners also get the “Big Bang” theme, a mini soundtrack, and another theme with the working title of “Digital Premium Edition Original Theme”. Xbox One owners get a male and female Noctis Avatar outfit and a Carbuncle avatar pet instead.


As Siliconera previously reported, the contents of the Season Pass were first spotted on the Japanese PlayStation Store. For North America, Square Enix has confirmed the Season Pass will also include the same six content packs released in the same order.


The Digital Premium Edition can now be pre-ordered from the PlayStation Store and Xbox Games Store for $84.99 with the additional pre-order bonuses. The Season Pass can be purchased as an upgrade to the standalone game on both stores for $24.99.


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