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Final Fantasy XV Shares More On Leviathan, Guest Characters, And Unique Skills



Square Enix shared more on Final Fantasy XV with the latest screenshots on information on Leviathan, unique skills of the four main characters, and another look at two guest characters.



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Unique Skills

The four main characters each have unique skills that are based on their interests. Depending on that actions that take place, you can level up these skills.


Noctis – Fishing

Notis’ skill is fishing. He levels this skill up by catching plenty of fish. As his fishing level increases, not only does it make his fishing abilities better, but it also makes fishing equipment cheaper as well. You can also use the fish you catch as cooking ingredients for Ignis.




The above is a look at a shop near a fishing spot. As you can see, it has plenty of different items for fishing.



You’ll notice yellow markers to show where you can watch edible fish.




Prompto – Photography

Prompto takes pictures of all the places he visits with friends. From pictures of superb views to pictures of everyday life, he’ll take all kinds of different pictures. His photography skill level increases with the more pictures he takes. As the skill level increases, he’ll be able to take better pictures.



You’ll get to check out all the photos Prompto takes when it’s time for lodging, and can save your favorite photos.




As Prompto’s photography skills increase, he’ll get to take pictures of selfies.



And even start using effects for the photos.


Ignis – Cooking

When you spend the night camping, you’ll get to taste some of Ignis’ cooking. You’ll get ingredients by defeating monsters, and Ignis will also learn new recipes as he encounters new kinds of foods from across the world. It seems like all the characters will have their favorite foods cooked by Ignis.



You’ll see Ignis come up with recipes after acquiring new ingredients in battle.





Characters will see an increase in command power after eating their favorite food from Ignis.


Gladiolus – Survival

Gladiolus’ skill is survival. After battles, he’ll find various items that will come in handy during this long journey. This skill level goes up simply by walking around. The higher his skill level is, the chances of finding rare items increases.



You’ll find various items from potions to coins.



The above shows how a list with items that you can get after battles. It shows the order or Potion, Remedy, Hi-Potion, Ether, Ellixr, and Hi-Elixir. It’s worth noting that it says “and such” after each item, so we’ll probably get to find more than the listed item for each skill level increase.


Guest Characters

As you advance through the story, you’ll meet allies who will temporarily help you out. In battle, you’ll get to order them commands, and they’ll also help out with Link Attacks with allies.


Cor Leonis


Cor Leonis is the general who uses a great sword. Using his overwhelming power, he’ll help out Noctis and friends.


Iris Amicitia


When Noctis successfully parries, Iris will join in on the attack using a Moogle.


Final Fantasy XV releases on November 29, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Check out our earlier report for more on the Ice Queen Shiva, Altissia the city upon the water, sub-weapons, and abilities.

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