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Final Fantasy XVI New Trailer Coming Soon after Delay, Will Appear Soon

FInal Fantasy XVI New Trailer

Final Fantasy XVI Producer Naoki Yoshida revealed a new FFXVI trailer will appear soon. The information was shared during a special NieR Reincarnation and FFXIV crossover livestream. Yoshida stated that the new video is done and will appear soon. However, it was delayed due to certain factors. He did not elaborate as to why the debut of the trailer ended up being pushed back.

However, Yoshida did go into a bit of detail regarding the development of the game. He shared that the development team has spent a fair amount of time polishing and debugging the game, and that it is pretty much complete.

Yoshida echoed similar statements regarding the development of FFXVI in a Uniqlo pamphlet released for the Final Fantasy 35th anniversary collaboration with the clothing brand. In the flyer, he revealed that FFXVI is in its final stages of development. It’s story is now fully fleshed out. Yoshida also stated that the development team hopes to deliver a complete and comprehensive single-player experience for players.

The first trailer for FFXVI appeared in September 2020 during a PlayStation 5 showcase. This was a first look at the game, which included a glimpse at the cast of characters and a brief look at the combat system.

Final Fantasy XVI is in development for PlayStation 5.

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