Final New Shonen Jump Manga Series is Fabricant 100

Final New Shonen Jump Manga Series is Fabricant 100

Shonen Jump finally ended its promised new run of four new manga series with Fabricant 100. As with the past three, it is available outside of Japan. People can start reading its first chapter on Manga Plus and Viz Media immediately.

Fabricant 100 comes from Daisuke Enoshima. The series begins with the backstory into fabricants. These are beings who aren’t human. A doctor attempted making them, hoping to create a perfect one, eventually creating 100 of them. However, all of the imperfect fabricants are constantly searching for “perfect” parts from ordinary humans. And so the series follows Ashibi Yao and that fabled 100th one the doctor created as they hunt the 99 others to protect humanity.

The other three new Shonen Jump manga series continue to run. English chapters for them appear as they do. These others are Cipher Academy, Ichigoki’s Under Control, and The Ichinose Family’s Deadly Sins. Viz Media hasn’t announced if or when it will begin releasing physical volumes of each of these four manga series.

You can read Fabricant 100 on Manga Plus and Viz Media now. The next chapter will arrive on December 11, 2022. New chapters should appear for the series on a weekly basis.

Jenni Lada
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