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Fire Emblem Engage Lets You Nap and Play Wyvern Ride

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Nintendo introduced the rest and Wyvern Ride activities that you can experience in Somniel when you want to take a break in Fire Emblem Engage. Wyvern is an on-rails FPS mini-game in which you destroy targets floating around the hub. Napping will pass time. Depending on your relationship values with a character, they might wake you up after one.

In a short video on the Fire Emblem Engage Japanese Twitter account introducing the bed and rest mechanics, Panette shows up at the end to wake Alear up. Other than resting, you can use the bed to look through your memories or adjust the difficulty setting. It is unclear just how close you will have to be to a character for them to wake you up. In the video, Panette compliments Alear for how fast they get up, because she finds it difficult to wake up in the morning.

The Fire Emblem Engage Twitter account also uploaded a video showing Wyvern Ride. In it, you shoot down targets in the air to get a high score. There will likely be rewards depending on how many points you get. Aside from the normal green ones, there are special red targets that will explode. These can destroy all of the targets around them when they blow up.

Nintendo previously showed off other activities that you can do in Somniel, which will be the main hub in Fire Emblem Engage. It is similar to Garreg Mach in Fire Emblem: Three Houses or the My Castle in Fire Emblem Fates. Aside from napping and playing Dragon Shooter, you can take care of a pet, exercise, fish and invest in Somniel.

Fire Emblem Engage is in development for the Nintendo Switch and it will come out on January 20, 2023.

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