Fire Emblem Heroes 5th Anniversary Memorial Box Pre-Orders Are Open

Fire Emblem Heroes 5th Anniversary Memorial Box contents

Intelligent Systems opened pre-orders for theĀ Fire Emblem Heroes 5th Anniversary memorial box in Japan. Those who purchase the box will receive compilations of music and art from the mobile game at 16,500 yen (~$145). The company will close pre-orders on March 31, 2022. It will produce the boxes based on the number of orders received and release the finished products on August 31, 2022.

The original soundtrack will consist of three CDs and a bonus DVD. The CDs will contain a total number of 78 original tracks implemented in the mobile game up until March 2022. Meanwhile, the DVD will include a plethora of tracks from other Fire Emblem titles, with a total duration of over ten hours.

The memorial box will have a physical collection of key visual art drawn by from all six Books available so far. Yusuke Kozaki will draw a new illustration for the collection, bringing the total number to seven. The package will also include a set of 19 sticker sheets containing sprites of around 900 characters.

A smartphone stand modeled after theĀ Fire Emblem Heroes mascot Feh will complete the 5th Anniversary box. The player will be able to place their phone on Feh’s head while playing the mobile game. They can also detach the wing on its back, as it doubles as a smartphone screen cleaner.

Fire Emblem Heroes is immediately available on Android and iOS mobile devices. In the February 2022 Feh Channel video, Intelligent Systems revealed more new content, bonuses, and user polls for the mobile game. It also announced that Chrom, Tiki, Seliph, and Female Byleth won the 6th Choose Your Legends poll.

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