Fire Emblem Heroes Adds Nils, Rath, Fiora, and Leila from Blazing Blade for Book 4 Chapter 4


The latest banner trailer for Fire Emblem Heroes has dropped, and it features fan favorites Nils, Rath, Fiora, and Leila from Fire Emblem: Blazing Blade (also known as simply Fire Emblem).

While Fiora has been added to the game previously as a summer seasonal, she’s getting her original version here. Additionally, Leila was only an important NPC in the original game, but like many others, players get a chance to use her as a unit in this game.

Here’s the banner units’ pictures and skills below:

Nils: Bright Bard


Rath: Wolf of Sacae

As mentioned in the previous Feh Channel, every Seasonal Hero banner and New Hero banner will have a character who will also be available at 4* on the focus banner going forward. For this banner, this character is Rath.


Fiora: Airborne Warrior

The description for Pegasus Flight 3 has an error in the wording, and the official Twitter has revealed the correct description below:

“At start of combat, if unit’s Spd ≥ foe’s Spd-7, inflicts penalty on foe’s Atk/Def during combat = 50% of difference between Res stats (unit’s Res minus foe’s Res) before combat. (Maximum penalty of -7.)”


Leila: Rose amid Fangs


Finally, it was revealed that Heath: Wandering Knight will be a Grand Hero Battle unit in the coming future:


For those interested, here’s the Japanese version of the trailer below:

Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iOS and Android.

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