Fire Emblem Heroes Flier Mastery Quests Added


IMG_3948 A new group of Fire Emblem Heroes quests have arrived in the game, allowing players an opportunity to earn Orbs and Universal Shards. The Flier Mastery quests are available until May 1, 2017 and require a player to use a team of flying units to complete objectives.


There are eight Flier Mastery quests in Fire Emblem Heroes. Here’s the full list of what you need to do with a team made up only of flying units to earn each of the rewards.

  • Clear the 3rd Stratum of the Tower – 1 Orb
  • Clear the 5th Stratum of the Tower – 1,500 Universal Shards
  • Clear the 7th Stratum of the Tower – 1,500 Universal Shards
  • Clear the 9th Stratum of the Tower – 1 Orb
  • Clear 3-5 – 1 Orb
  • Clear 4-3 on Hard – 1,500 Universal Shards
  • Clear 5-4 on Lunatic – 1,500 Universal Shards
  • Clear 9-1 on Lunatic – 1 Orb


If you haven’t completed the KO Lvl 35+ Foe Sacred Seals quest that requires you to defeat enemies over level 35 with Subaki five times for the Speed +1 seal, add him to your team and take him along on the Flier Mastery 9th Stratum and 9-1 Lunatic quests. That is a good way to make progress on it.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available for Apple iOS and Android devices.

Jenni Lada
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