Fire Emblem Heroes Giving Away 5 Orbs As An Apology For Arena Duels Glitch



Due to a little glitch on the game’s Arena Duels mode that’s been stopping some players from getting extra points, Fire Emblem Heroes is giving away 5 free Orbs to all players through March 23 as an apology.


Here’s what the new notice says on the game:


If you participate in Arena Duels and close the Fire Emblem Heroes application mid-battle, then later resume the battle again via bookmark data, you may not get an extra score boost while using Bonus Heroes.


Your Arena Defense Reward score may be displayed inaccurately or not appear at all. Note: You will still receive the correct reward.


This will be fixed in an update coming soon.


To express our appreciation to all players, we are sending out 5 Orbs as a Special Log-in Bonus. Please collect the Orbs from your Present List.


We hope you continue to enjoy playing Fire Emblem Heroes


Do keep in mind that you’ll have until March 23, 2017 to claim the Orbs.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iPhone and Android.

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