Fire Emblem Heroes’ Halloween Event Adds Dozla, Ilyana, L’Arachel, Rolf, And Hector + Lilina Daddy-Daughter Duo

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Fire Emblem Heroes’ latest Feh Channel has outlined what to expect from the game’s next few updates, especially the Halloween Fall Festival and its new units. Essentially, A Monstrous Harvest will begin on October 9, 2019 and end on November 8, 2019. The Temptest Trials+ connected to it will run from October 14-23, 2019.


There are five seasonal units for Fire Emblem Heroes this halloween. Rolf is the Tempest Trials+ reward. (He’s a mounted archer dressed like a ghost.) The other four characters, which are Dozla, Ilyana, Hector with Lilina, and L’Arachel, will be available through the banner. While Dozla, Ilyana, and L’Arachel are standard seasonal units, Hector with Lilina is a new kind of unit called a Duo.


Duo units are two characters paired together that act and behave as one unit. They have their own support conversations, as well as a Duo Skill. Duo Skills can be used once per battle if the Duo unit isn’t paired up with another character. Also, Duo units stats will be treated as 185 if it is a five-star unit at level 40 when in a mode like Arena.


A new event called Hall of Forms will be joining Fire Emblem Heroes too. In this mode, you are given four units at a low level, with no skills and basic weapons, to use. These are called Formas. You take them through battles, leveling them up and earning new merges, skills, and weapons that will help them succeed and survive later battles.


Finally, there will be two new R&R buildings for people to use. If you have a Field, you can have your units grow crops. If you have crops from a Field, you can take them to a Dining Hall to have units cook food to eat.


Here is the most recent Feh Channel.



Fire Emblem Heroes is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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