Fire Emblem Heroes’ Latest Summoning Focus Brings The Pain With A Powerful Skill



    Fire Emblem Heroes updated with a new Summoning Focus themed on “Heroes with Fury” featuring three Heroes of Eldigan, Jagen, and Bartre who learn the best level of the skill at 5-star rarity.


    To give you a better idea how it works, Fury 3 grants +3 attack, speed, defense, and resistance to its user. While that’s super powerful, it has the drawback of the unit taking 6 damage after combat. However, with the +3 defense, it actually brings it down to 3 damage a turn. Furthermore, getting double attacked completely negates the penalty as its boosts are applied twice.


    The skill can certainly be a bit of a hindrance when a Hero needs to be above a certain HP mark to use some skills, but Heroes that have lower stats or ones that aren’t used in combat as often, such as those with Dance or Sing, can find it especially beneficial. Fury is also pretty useful if you need to lower a Hero’s health for certain skills such as Desperation or Vantage.


    It’s worth noting that since the –3HP penalty occurs for any combat, the user will take extra damage when they’re unable to return an attack, for example when a melee Hero with Fury gets hit by an archer or other ranged attack enemy, so you’ll want to be careful with their positioning.


    Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iPhone and Android. The Heroes with Fury Summoning Focus will be available through July 10, 2017.

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