Fire Emblem Heroes Launches Version 1.5.0 Update, Here’s What’s New



Fire Emblem Heroes just got its latest major update with patch version 1.5.0 as well as a new daily 2 Orbs bonus through July 20. 10 Orbs also await if you haven’t received your recent Voting Gauntlet reward.


Here are the highlights for ver. 1.5.0:


Chain Challenge and Squad Assault


Chain Challenge and Squad Assault added to Story Maps. Both modes challenge you to play a series of maps. Clearing in Normal and Hard mode gives Hero Feathers while Lunatic gives you Orbs.


Squad Assault is a different mode where Heroes get captured by the enemy after completing a map. Once captured, they cannot be deployed again until the challenge ends. The mode will give you Sacred Seals and Orbs upon completion.


EXP Adjustments

EXP earned from defeating enemies with a gap in level compared to your Heroes has been increased. The EXP limit for defeating weaker enemies is now less severe, while the EXP bonus for defeating stronger enemies has increased. EXP for healing with a staff has also been increased. 5-star Heroes will get more EXP for defeating higher level enemies than before.


Improvements to Tempest Trials

When retrying a stage, injured enemies’ HP will not regenerate while defeated enemies will stay defeated. If an enemy’s HP is high, just as before, their HP will decrease for the next challenge.


Scores for Normal and Hard modes have also been adjusted with 30 points for Normal difficulty, 35 for Hard, and 40 for Lunatic.


New Hero Sorting Options


More functionality to sort your allies has been added. Now, up to three sort conditions can be used simultaneously to sort your Heroes.


Info Added to Summoning Screen


The time remaining for a Summoning Focus event is now displayed on the screen. Also, a link to “More Info” has been added for quick access to the details of each Summoning Focus.


Purchase Made Easier

A “Complete Purchase” button has been added to the Purchase Orbs screen to complete purchases that are interrupted by connection errors. Again, if a purchase fails during a summon, you can use Complete Purchase and will no longer need to re-launch app.


Bigger Barracks

The upper limit for the barracks has increased from 500 to 1,000 allies. Keep in mind that Orbs are required to expand the barracks.


Lastly, from now through July 20, players will get a bonus of 2 Orbs a day. Again, if you haven’t already checked the game since the recent conclusion of the Voting Gauntlet event, there should be 10 Orbs waiting for you in the game regardless of participation.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iPhone and Android.

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