Fire Emblem Heroes’ New Swimsuit Banner Adds Cordelia, Noire, Innes, And Tana On June 21



Fire Emblem Heroes is bringing a new swimsuit banner with the “Summer’s Arrival” Summoning Focus that adds new versions of Cordelia, Noire, Innes, and Tanna starting June 21, 2018.


You can check out the new trailer for Summer’s Arrival below:


Here are more details on the four new Heroes and their skills learnable at 5★:


Cordelia – Knight Paradise (CV: Julie Ann Taylor, Artist: Mayo)



Noire – Shade Seeker (CV: Michelle Ruff, Artist: Kusakihara Toshiyuki)



Innes – Flawless Form (CV: Xander Mobus, Artist: Asatani Tomoyo)



Tana – Noble and Nimble (CV: Joie Marlowe, Artist: cuboon)



Additionally, a new Paralogue Story and quests for Summer’s Arrival will be made available with the new Heroes when it kicks off on June 21 and ends on July 25, 2018.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available for iOS and Android.

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