Fire Emblem Heroes To Add Asset/Flaw Indicator And New Refinable Weaponry




Fire Emblem Heroes revealed more details on its February update on Twitter today, including Heroes who will be receiving new weapons or a weapon refine, Asset/Flaw color display options, and more. You can read about the first part of the update, such as the new Dragonflower items that can be gained from the new Heroic Ordeal maps, from our previous report here.


asset flaw


One of the UI updates is a new ability to show each Heroes’ Asset and Flaw in color on the status screen and info at the top. Assets will be displayed in blue, while Flaws will be displayed in red. These can be toggled Off in the Options menu.


asset flaw 2


The Weapon Refinery is also getting updated, with seven Heroes getting new weapons that can be further refined, while one Hero is getting a weapon refine option. The Heroes and their weapons are:

  • Seth: Silverbrand
  • Hinata: Hinata’s Katana
  • Tharja: Tharja’s Hex
  • Oboro: Oboro’s Spear
  • Amelia: Grado Poleaxe
  • Nino: Iris’s Tome
  • Niles: Niles’ Bow
  • Eliwood: Durandal


Other changes:

  • Brazilian Portuguese will be officially added as a language option with this month’s update.


  • Cecilia: Festive Instructor and Laegjarn: New Experiences will be added to the list of units summonable via Heroic Grails.


  • The Spring Breeze and Lava Floes defense maps in Aether Raids will be adjusted to give the attacking side more of an advantage.


All the updates, including the new modes and items mentioned in Feh Channel yesterday will be added in the Ver. 3.2.0 update that comes out February 6, 2019 at 11pm PT.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available for iOS and Android.

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