Fire Emblem Heroes Unveils The Secret Behind Lif With New Animated Cutscene


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The latest update for Fire Emblem Heroes released today, bringing characters from Fire Emblem: Three Houses alongside a new story chapter. Surprisingly, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems also released a new animated cutscene to coincide with the new chapter.


Warning: Spoilers ahead


In this cutscene, Lif reveals that he is actually Alfonse from another world where Hel won, with Hel killing Sharena and making Lif her servant, reaping souls to trade back the lives of the Askrans from Lif’s world.


You can check out the cutscene below:


Here’s the Japanese version, which is slightly different in order to fit the lip syncing better:


In other related news, three new Home Screen themes were also added today for free, as a commemoration of Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ release. Each theme is based off a different house.

feh3h 3 feh3h 4

feh3h 5


Finally, the game has finally gotten an official English Twitter news account, 2.5 years after release. Funnily enough, the account has existed since January 2017, a month before the game’s launch, which means it was merely unused all this time.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available on Android and iOS.

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