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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Introduces Gilbert, And Gets New 10-Min Overview Trailer And Short Ads


    gilbert 2

    Fire Emblem: Three Houses has received a lot of attention in the past day or two, ranging from a new character introduction for Gilbert, to information on the Expansion Pass, to a new 10-minute summary full of new gameplay bits, as well as several short TV ads for Japan.


    First, let’s go through the regular character introduction:


    gilbert 1 2

    “Fishing, you say? Well, of course, there’s no problem.”

    A Knight of Seiros who hails from the Holy Kingdom. He’s deeply faithful, and is a serious and polite person. He doesn’t show much emotion, and doesn’t talk about himself a lot. As such, it’s hard to know what he feels about things, but supposedly he’s fond of fishing and cooking.


    Check out a video of Gilbert conversation with Byleth:

    “Nice to meet you, teacher. My name is Gilbert, and I shall be accompanying you on this assignment. While I do not know how much of a help I may be, I shall do all that I can to help you.”

    >Aren’t you being a bit too stiff?

    >Nice to work with you.

    “I apologize, but that’s just how I am.”


    Next up is a 9.5 minute long video that goes over what we’ve learned over the past few months, over new gameplay footage. Consider it a cram class before the exam that is the game itself.


    We’re shown off new maps, such as what seems to be a defend map against attackers coming from boats, a lava map, and one that takes place in fog. We’re also treated to a sample of several different music tracks, including what seems to be the preparation theme around the 6:20 mark. It also confirms that Class Changes, if qualified, can be changed from the map preparation menu.


    Check out the video below:


    Below are a few new commercials for the game:




    This commercial in particular shows off just what happens after the scene with Dimitri with dead eyes in the E3 trailer – he shows a slasher smile. It also shows Rhea… falling?






    We’re also treated to a look at some more Advanced classes thanks to the official site:


    advanced classes 1



    advanced classes 2


    Wyvern Knight

    advanced classes 3



    advanced classes 4



    advanced classes 5


    Dark Bishop

    advanced classes 6


    Finally, some final fluff not completely related to Three Houses:

    Fire Emblem Heroes – Byleth

    Some of the art for Byleth, who was announced for Fire Emblem Heroes this week, has been posted by Nintendo:

    byleth 1

    byleth 2

    byleth 3


    Fire Emblem Cipher – Early Buyer’s Bonus


    Like every Fire Emblem game since Fire Emblem Fates’ release in Japan, Fire Emblem: Three Houses will include a promotional card for the game’s first print copies. It will also be available in the ‘Fodlan Collection’ Limited Edition. The card is for Byleth, and the three Lords can be seen in the background of the card.


    Fire Emblem: Three Houses is coming to Nintendo Switch on July 26, 2019.

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