Five New Outfits Revealed For One Piece Film Red

one piece film red header

A short teaser video for the upcoming One Piece Film Red movie is now available on its official Twitter account. The video shows off new outfits for five characters – Law, Bepo, Bartolomeo, Koby, and Helmeppo. As these are the clothes they wear to Uta’s concert, some of them are in rather flashy outfits.

While all of the characters are wearing fairly casual summer outfits, Bepo and Bartolomeo seem particularly invested in Uta. For example, Bartolomeo has her name on his pant leg and sleeve, as well as around his left eye. Meanwhile, Bepo has what appears to be a fan with her name on it on his back. According to the tweet, even though the pirates and the Marines are both there for Uta’s performance, they are a breath away from starting a fight.

When Toei shared concept art of the main cast who will appear in the movie, it also shared that the film will focus on a music festival. More specifically, it will feature a live performance from Uta, who is Shanks’s daughter. Uta will be the main heroine in One Piece Film Red, with an “otherworldly” voice, and the plot of the movie will revolve around her and her voice.

One Piece Film Red releases in Japan on August 6, 2022.

Stephanie Liu
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