Fossil Pokemon From Sword and Shield Appear as Plushes


The Pokemon Company will release four new plushes inspired by Pokemon from Sword and Shield on April 29, 2021 in Japan. They are the four fossil Pokemon Arctozolt, Dracozolt, Dracovish, and Arctovish. The stuffed animals are part of the Pokemon Dolls collection of goods offered by The Pokemon Company. They will sell for 1,320 JPY (around $11.90 USD) each.

Similar to the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs in London, the four fossil Pokemon from Pokemon Sword & Shield are wildly inaccurate representations of what they looked like in life. Thanks to Dr. Cara Liss switching around their body parts, the Pokemon have difficulty with basic biological functions. For example, Dracovish cannot breathe unless it’s underwater, and Arctovish’s mouth is on top of its head. However, the Pokemon plushes, with their round shapes and cartoonish eyes, offer a more adorable approach, rather than the potentially mildly horrifying representations in-game.

The fossil Pokemon are getting quite the time in spotlight. Not only will they appear in plush form, but they also made their anime debut earlier in 2021. Episode 50 of Pokemon Journeys: The Series followed Ash and Goh meeting Dr. Cara Liss and obtaining their own fossil Pokemon. Arctozolt joined Goh’s team, while Dracovish joined Ash’s. This marked Ash’s first fossil Pokemon since the beginning of the series in 1997.

Pokemon Dolls are a collection of Pokemon plushes similar to the Comfy Friends series released in 2020. Other merchandise that released earlier in 2021 include items such as the Sweet Scent line of goods and spring-inspired kitchenware.

The fossil Pokemon plushes from Sword and Shield will appear in brick-and-mortar stores in Japan on April 29. However, if you wish to purchase them from the online store, they will appear on April 27, 2021. There’s no worldwide release date for them yet.

Stephanie Liu
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