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Front Mission Remakes Confirmed for November 2022

Front Mission Remakes

The Front Mission remakes have been dated for Nintendo Switch. The remake of Front Mission 1st is coming this year, in November 2022. Nintendo also confirmed that developer Forever Entertainment is also working on Front Mission 2 and Front Mission 3 remakes.

The Nintendo Direct showed some gameplay footage from each in-development Front Mission remake. Front Mission 2 is scheduled for sometime in 2023, while Front Mission 3 doesn’t have a release window. Prior to this announcement, the remake of Front Mission 3 was not confirmed.

Check out some screens from Front Mission 1st in the gallery.

The remakes are, as might be surmised, 3D recreations of the original SNES- and PS1-era tactical titles. The first game launched back in 1995, while its sequel never launched outside Japan, making this release the first time its story will be experienced by fans officially. Front Mission 3 launched in 1999 in Japan and was the first PS1-based entry. In 2000, it became the first Front Mission title to be localized for sale outside Japan.

The Front Mission remakes arrive for Switch starting in November 2022. However, the Nintendo eShop store page still has the game listed for October 2022. Other remakes will follow in 2023 and beyond.

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