Front Mission Structure Arts Model Kits Will Appear This December

Front Mission Structure Arts plamodel - Hell's Wall Squad Frost

Square Enix opened pre-orders for new sets of Front Mission Structure Arts plastic model kits. The items will be officially available in December 2021. [Thanks, Hobby Watch!]

These model kits are different from the Wander Arts action figures, which already came assembled and painted from the box. The kits are more similar to the Xenogears Structure Arts, as they will initially come as sheets of unpainted plastic parts. The Structure Arts are also generally cheaper. Although the set is sold with a similar price tag of $84.99, it will contain four different model kits as opposed to a single action figure. You can also mix and match the unit parts, just like in the actual games.

The new set will feature four Wanzer units from the Front Mission series. They are Frost, Enyo, Walrus, and Tiran.

Front Mission Structure Arts plamodel - Frost Enyo Walrus Tiran

In addition to the regular set, Square Enix will also release another package that lets users form the Hell’s Wall squadron. The 13,068 yen (~$120) set will contain 6 Frost units with the parts pre-painted with a basic crimson color. This slightly reduces the need to paint, as you will only have to add dark grey paint on the weapons and detailed parts.

Square Enix previously released the first Structure Arts set, which contained Zenith, Giza, Drake, and Numsekar, in 2020. Although the set is also available on the North American Square Enix Store, it is currently put on the waiting list.

Front Mission Structure Arts plamodel - Hell's Wall Frost

Front Mission is a series of strategy RPGs taking place in near-future Earth. Military forces in the game’s universe primarily use manned humanoid robots known as Wanzers. The latest mainline title, Front Mission 5: Scars of the War, was released for PlayStation 2 in December 2005 in Japan.

Square Enix released a shooting action spin-off titled Front Mission Evolved in 2010. It also made Left Alive, a survival game taking place in the same universe, in 2019. Recently in March 2021, the company renewed the Front Mission trademark worldwide, including in Japan and North America.

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