Square Enix Renews Front Mission Trademark in Multiple Regions

Front Mission trademark

Square Enix is registering a new Front Mission trademark in multiple regions across the globe. The Japanese trademark registration, which just publicly appeared on the Chizai Watch database on April 6, 2021, indicated that the company filed the trademark on March 19, 2021. [Thanks, Game*Spark and Renka!]

In reply to Renka’s tweet, Gematsu added that Square Enix also registered the same trademark in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia throughout March 2021. Although the European and Australian trademarks only classified as category 28 — which comprised toy-scaled models and physical games, the Japanese and North American registrations added category 41 that also includes provisions related to video games.

The last time we heard of a Front Mission-related trademark registration was in 2009. That year, Square Enix registered Front Mission Evolved, which became a third-person mech shooter game released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC in 2010. The company would also later release Left Alive, a survival action game taking place in the Front Mission universe, for PlayStation 4 and PC in 2019.

The Front Mission series had its roots as a turn-based strategy RPG. The latest mainline title in the series is the 2005 PlayStation 2 game Front Mission 5: Scars of the War. The last SRPG released to date is Front Mission 2089: Border of Madness for Nintendo DS in 2008. The latest titles to receive an English localization are Front Mission 4 for PlayStation 2 in 2004 and the Nintendo DS port of the first game in 2007.

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