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Full Harvestella Game to Be Updated Based on Demo Feedback


Square Enix has announced a few changes it will make to the full version of Harvestella as the result of feedback from the demo. Most of these involve shortening how much time you will have to spend on certain tasks, such as loading and fishing. It will also fix the UI for saving and auto-saving There is also new info on the Winter Location. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

Here is the full list of changes from the demo version that will go live in the paid version of Harvestella:

  • Reduced how much time passes on the world map and field
  • Shortened the time until you get a bite in fishing
  • Reduced the cooldown time for job change
  • Sped up the normal attack speed of the mage class
  • Shortened some of the load time
  • Added in a warning sequence when your character’s HP gets low
  • Changed the UI of the save and autosave
  • Fixed some of the bugs

During the demo, taking a step would eat up around ten minutes of your time. This means that a large portion of your day will disappear if you do not head directly to your location. Some other requests in the replies include more character customization and location names on the world map.

Square Enix also released some information on the Winter Location: Holy Capital Argene. The Winter Seaslight is in a Divine Cave near Argene, and to enter it, people need to have the “Flos-Indulgentia.” Characters you will meet at Argene include Brakka and Shrika.

Some new mechanics include Faerie Orders, which will grant you farming perks when you complete their requests. Farming perks include a sprinkler tool, and the Faeries will unlock the water and cave biomes. Another mechanic that will be in Harvestella will be FEAR, which are powerful roaming enemies that can drop valuable accessories.

Harvestella will come out on November 4, 2022 for the Nintendo Switch and Windows PC.

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