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FuRyu Announces A Pikachin-Kit Game For Nintendo Switch


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Pikachin-Kit, a multimedia project by Shogakukan, is getting a game made by FuRyu for Nintendo Switch, called Pikachin-Kit: Game de Pirameki Daisakusen. The game is set to launch on November 8, 2018.


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The premise of the series is based on a fifth-year elementary student named Eiji Toumatsu, who finds a mysterious Pikachin Research Book, and uses the tools within to create various inventions. In this game, Eiji and his friends find that the local park has been bought by a developer, so they can’t play there anymore. Eiji decides to create various inventions and sell them to try and reach 100 million yen in order to buy back the park.


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The game features various characters from the anime, rendered in 2D sprite form. Eiji needs to “Search” around town for materials, then “Develop” the creations in his laboratory, and finally “Sell” his kits to people willing to buy them. As you progress in-game, more characters from the anime will show up.


Pikachin-Kit: Game de Pirameki Daisakusen is set to come out for Nintendo Switch on November 8, 2018 in Japan.

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