Galar Champion Leon and Charizard Will Make Their Debut in Pokemon Masters EX

Leon Charizard Pokemon Masters EX

The Galar Region Champion Leon will make his debut in Pokemon Masters EX alongside his signature Pokemon, Charizard. The arrival of Leon and Charizard was announced through the official Pokemon Masters EX Twitter. Additionally, to celebrate the addition of the two a special Champion Time Rally will appear alongside their inclusion. Players can Sync Pair Scout for Leon and Charizard starting on February 25, 2021 and will be able to obtain the Sync Pair until March 17, 2021.

Leon and Charizard will be the first Master Sync Pair in Pokemon Masters EX. This means that by having Leon and Charizard on your team, the Sync Pair will provide a passive buff that will give your team a boost. This includes increased defense and attack power.

Additionally, a special retweet rally is currently underway. If the announcement tweet for Leon and Charizard, and Marnie and Morpeko, reaches a total of 30,000 retweets before the campaign ends, players will be rewarded with a total of 60 five star guaranteed Scout Tickets and 3,000 gems. This campaign will last until March 2, 2021 which gives players enough time to use these rewards and potentially add Leon and Charizard to their roster.

A Piers and Obstagoon Sync Pair Scout Spotlight is currently underway, which allows players to scout for the Dark-Type Gym Leader. Gloria and Zacian will also make a return to the Sync Pair Scout rosters for a limited time.

Pokemon Masters EX is immediately available for Android and iOS.

Kazuma Hashimoto
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