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Genshin Impact 3.2 Will Have Scaramouche Boss Fight

genshin impact 3.2

With less than a week left before Version 3.1 concludes, HoYoVerse has released a trailer highlighting what is on the horizon in Genshin Impact Version 3.2. The trailer is over five minutes long and teases the playable versions of Nahida and Layla. Nahida will be a 5-star Dendro Catalyst user, while Layla will be a 4-star Cryo Sword user.

Aside from playable characters you can pull from the gacha, the trailer shows off the Dendro Hypostasis. It also teases what the Archon Quest will be like, setting up Scaramouche and Dottore as the main antagonists. There will be a boss fight with Scaramouche in his mech suit, which will likely be a new Trounce Domain to challenge every week.

You can watch the Version 3.2 trailer for Genshin Impact here:

Some other new events that will be available in the next update include Fabulous Fungus Frenzy. You can play fungus-related mini-games, as well as raise fungi. Completing this event will net players a free Dori. There will be another photo-related event called “Outside the Canvas, Inside the Lens: Greenery Chapter. Lastly, Adventurer’s Trials will be an event where you use your character’s Skills and Bursts to clear objectives. Trial characters and co-op will be available.

Genshin Impact is available on PS4, PS5, mobile devices, and Windows PC. Version 3.2 of Genshin Impact will come out on November 2, 2022, with Nahida and Yoimiya on the first banner. The second banners will be Tartaglia and Yae, with Layla as a Cryo 4-star.

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