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Genshin Impact Features We Need the Most

genshin impact features

Genshin Impact’s 1.3 update dropped this week, adding more events and a new character to the mix. But what Genshin Impact features do need the most in the 1.4 update and beyond? Here’s what’s on the top of the Siliconera crew’s wish list.

The Genshin Impact PS4 UI is a mess. At first I thought it was just me, but nope! No matter which controller I use, I have a 50/50 shot of getting the quick menu option I selected. Klee desperately needs a Sweet Madame or she will die? Huh. Somehow, I’m checking the current events instead. I’m ready to make a wish? Nope! I’m looking at the battle pass instead.

As a Zhongli user, I definitely appreciate the new buffs. A better five-star rate would be great too. But know what I would like more? Finding myself in the Quest menu when I say I want to go to the Quest menu! — Jenni

genshin impact features

New characters, with their distinct personalities and combat abilities, are a big part of what keeps people playing Genshin Impact. But for casual players like me? The sheer amount of time and effort it’d take to bring a new character up to speed lessens my excitement somewhat. Am I really going to throw all my wishes at a shiny, exciting fighter? All I’m doing is creating a lot more work for myself.

That’s why new Genshin Impact features should include something to address this! The grind to raise your character levels is a big part of the game, I know. But it would be nice if it were a lot easier to catch someone new up to, say, the level of my weakest main party member. — Graham

genshin impact features

Graham and Jenni’s complaints about the time cost of raising a new character and the sheer disaster that is the controller UI (the issues aren’t limited to the PS4, sadly) are both spot-on, but I personally would like a gentler approach to World Level and leveling in general.

I’m currently facing a dilemma in that I was foolish enough to allow the game to raise my Adventurer Rank cap after stocking up a huge backlog of unspent Adventurer XP. Now I’ve gone from AR 30 to AR 50 overnight, but my characters are underleveled, besides my top two (Keqing and Bennett). Everything, even a simple Leyline Blossom takes longer to clear, which in turn slows down the speed at which i can get my other characters up to snuff. A little more control over the game’s challenge level, or even an option to just not level my AR or World Level up until I want to would have been nice. As it is, Genshin Impact is unnecessarily punishing players who don’t pour all their resources into maxing out a core team before moving on. — Josh

What new Genshin Impact features would you most like to see? Let us know in the comments!

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