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Genshin Impact Sumeru Preview Reveals More Characters

Genshin Impact Sumeru preview

Genshin Impact is just entering the second phase of its Version 2.8 content cycle, but a new Genshin Impact Sumeru preview video shows off more of what’s next. The upcomingd region of the game. At the same time, it reveals a number of new, potentially playable characters for Travelers to meet.

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Check out the video below, which was uploaded to the Genshin Impact YouTube account on July 29, 2022. English subtitles are available via closed captions.

The Genshin Impact Sumeru preview video features comments from IP Scriptwriter Yogurt and Monster Designer Baiheng. They walk viewers through a view of Sumeru society and the people that live there. Sumeru is split between humid jungle and dry desert, and is home to various critters suited to the area. Humid jungles are ideal for evolving powerful Shroom-kin into Fungi, while the desert’s ruins are guarded by ancient machines.

The groups living within each environment of Sumeru have differing ways of life, as detailed in the Genshin Impact Sumeru preview video. The people of Sumeru are governed by an organization called the Akademiya. Under the Akademiya, Sumeru citizens trade in knowledge, and take advantage of a system called the Akasha to regulate knowledge like a resource. The Akasha was bestowed by the previous Dendro Archon, Rukkhadevata. Meanwhile, the Eremites are another society in Sumeru, with roots in an ancient civilization from its desert area.

The video also revealed more new named Sumeru characters, teasing their appearance and revealing their names. Known characters like Tighnari were shown. Travelers will meet Alhaitham in the Port Ormos area. Dehya is a mercenary tied to the Eremites, while Nilou’s focus on arts and dancing is seen as a departure from Sumeru’s values of wisdom and rationality.  Players will meet characters like Nahida, a mysterious girl, and more.

Genshin Impact is available on iOS, Android, PC, PS4, and PS5. Version 3.0 and Sumeru will arrive after the Version 2.8 events run their course.

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