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Genshin Impact’s Childe Is the Archer for People Who Hate Archers

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Games with multiple characters that have different specialties usually have those systems in place for a region. If a game has units who focus on physical attacks or magic, melee or ranged, and maybe involve different elements, odds are you’ll need bases covered. Which means in Genshin Impact, you’re going to need an archer. The free one is only good for archery challenges, toggling fire switches, and gliding. But even then, getting used to a ranged unit can be a lot. Genshin Impact’s Childe Tartaglia solves that problem while providing people with a rather fun character.

The main reason being his signature gimmick. Childe is an archer, sure. A good one too, as his normal attack can lead into a six-hit combo and has a charged attack that inflicts a Riptide status that can trigger AOE attacks when hit by additional attacks. But the big deal is Foul Legacy: Raging Tide. This is the elemental skill that shifts him into a melee stance for up to 30 seconds. So you have someone who can head into fight using his ranged attacks from a distance, perhaps even the charged ones that require a bit of finesse, to inflict the debuff on a foe. Then, you can switch into melee with Foul Legacy: Raging Tide to take advantage of the potential damage boost.

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I’ve had Childe for four days. Prior to that, I didn’t bother with any archers. I wouldn’t engage with the plants you would see that would set off “balloons” to hit. Amber has been on Expeditions since the first moment I could send anyone on Expeditions. I think Diona is fantastic, but only have her on my joke Childe Army team with Childe, Klee, and Qiqi now. But with him around, there’s an actual flow to battle that I’ve found works quite well.

Typically, I’ll head into an altercation with Childe in the lead. I might send off some charged shots, though I’m terrible at aiming, then lead into normal attacks. Once enemies get close, I’ll swap to his melee stance and attack for a bit. My goal at this point is to get as many opponents with the Hydro status as possible. Then, I switch to either Beidou or Qiqi. Both of them have fantastic reactions with Hydro, due to Beidou immediately electro-charging every foe or Qiqi freezing everyone. I’ll typically switch between Beidou and Qiqi for a bit, playing off of their reactions and healing if needed. Then, if some enemies are still somehow alive, I might look for higher ground to have Childe pelt foes with arrows, then dive in for melee attacks again.

And he also works because, even if you don’t decide to try and work him into an active party role, he’s great in a passive sense. Like Barbara, you can use him to trigger Hydro switches nearby or at a distance. He fulfills the general archer role in general, should you want to set off an explosive barrel or complete an ambient challenge in the environment. But more importantly, he’s good to have around in a part even if you aren’t planning to ascend him or try for multiple constellations. But also, Master of Weaponry is so helpful. It’s his passive that is always there and increases every one of his allies’ passive attack by one.

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Is a group of Childes called a Children?

Plus, maybe it’s just me, but his general demeanor is so much fun. Yes, he’s a Fatui member. Not only that, but one of the eleven Harbingers that are constantly shown as our enemies in Genshin Impact. Yet, Childe is charming and endearing. He seems genuinely enamored with gliding around the world. Thanks to his voice actors, Griffin Burns, Ryohei Kimura, and Dong Yu, he always sounds like this upbeat, congenial person. But occasionally, you’ll hear him go, “This place is pretty dead. By which I mean, there’s nothing to kill.” Or you ascend him and he talks about using other people as guinea pigs to test out his new strength. And then you go, oh, right. Oh, that rascal, Childe.

Genshin Impact’s Childe is good for many reasons. Primarily, because he’s a five star with great active and passive skills that can aid you in fights and fill a niche that doesn’t have a lot of prospects. (Amber’s the worst free unit, Diona’s new and people might not have her yet, and people might not have time to earn the free Fischl.) Someone who might not normally use archers could get use out of him, due to his hybrid nature. And, as a bonus, he’s the sort of character where he’s clearly deadly and maybe even mean, but personable about it. He’s a cool character to potentially get and build up a roster.

Genshin Impact is available for the PlayStation 4, PC, and both Android and Apple iOS devices, with a Nintendo Switch version on the way. Genshin Impact’s Childe Tartaglia banner, Farewell of Snezhnaya will be available until December 1, 2020.

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