final fantasy vii remake rufus shinra final fantasy 7 remake rufus shinra

Get an Even Closer Look at Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Rufus, Scarlet, Reeve and Palmer

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Square Enix has been reintroducing plenty of major and minor Final Fantasy VII Remake characters as time goes on. Now, it’s Shinra’s turn to shine. Four prominent employees are showing off their new looks. People can get a better look at the Final Fantasy VII Remake Rufus, Reeve, Scarlet, and Palmer designs. In addition, a Sector 5 scam artist named Kyrie Canaan and the new Moogle Medal images have appeared.

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First, there are the Shinra employees. Vice President Rufus Shinra is a strong, rebellious member of the company and son of the president. He isn’t afraid to step up and fight, and has his ferocious pet and guardian Darkstar by his side. For a time, he was away from Midgar. (People who followed up with Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII will know what was happening there.

final fantasy vii remake rufus shinra final fantasy 7 remake rufus shinra final fantasy vii remake rufus shinra

Reeve Tuesti is a notable figure in the Final Fantasy VII collective, making appearances in both this entry and installments like Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII. In Final Fantasy VII Remake, however, we’ll only be seeing him in his role as the head of Shinra’s Urban Development.

final fantasy vii remake reeve 2 final fantasy vii remake reeve 2

Scarlet is the Shinra Advanced Weaponry Director, a role she earned for the weapons she designed for the company during the war with Wutai. She’s always had a domineering presence in each entry.

final fantasy vii remake scarlet

As for Palmer, he’s the Space and Aeronautics Division director and head of a failed Shinra segment. (People won’t learn more about Shinra’s attempts at space travel until a later installment, as Cid Highwind doesn’t make an appearance in Final Fantasy VII Remake.) Since Palmer’s rocket didn’t take-off, he now doesn’t have much to do.

final fantasy vii remake palmer 2 final fantasy vii remake palmer 2

Finally, there is Kyrie and the Moogle Medals. Kyrie is a young woman from Sector 5 who has no problem taking advantage of people to help herself, even if it means bad news.

final fantasy vii remake kyrie 2 final fantasy vii remake kyrie 2

Finally, the Final Fantasy VII Remake Moogle Medals seem like they’ll be similar to Dragon Quest Mini Medals. As with the Dragon Quest collectibles, they’ll be found throughout the world and can be traded to an NPC for items. It was even possible to find one of these in the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will come to the PlayStation 4 on April 10, 2020. However, people in some areas in Australia and Europe already have physical copies, due to them shipping early.

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