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Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo Now Available for Free on PlayStation Store

Final Fantasy VII Remake PlayStation Store Demo Download

You’ve heard it here, the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo is now available to download on the PlayStation store. The announcement came early from the official Final Fantasy VII Twitter. If you’re looking to download this demo and try out the new combat system in this highly anticipated remake just click here. The demo is currently available to download in all regions and is a total of 7.6 gigs.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake demo covers the opening mission where Cloud, Barret and AVALANCHE go to shut down one of the Shinra Mako Reactors. Players will start right after the introduction sequence and battle their way to the Reactor. The demo also features difficulty settings, allowing you to pick from classic, easy, and normal difficulties. However, classic and easy are the same. Classic difficulty will make characters block and dodge automatically. Operator and Punisher Mode are also a new feature. Punisher Mode offers players stronger attacks but at a cost in movement speed, while Operator Mode is the default fighting style.

You can check out the trailer for the demo below.

On New Year’s Eve 2019 a video leaked, showing off much of what this demo would have to offer players. This included footage of Aerith in the opening movie of the game. Additionally, scenes with AVALANCHE members Barret, Biggs, Jesse, and Wedge were included.

If you’re looking for more Final Fantasy VII content, an official Butterfinger collaboration is currently underway. Participation in this event can net you a dynamic theme featuring Tifa for your PlayStation, and a Midgar Bangle to use in game.

Final Fantasy VII RemakeĀ will come to the PlayStation 4 on April 10, 2020.

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