Gible Pokemon PC Cushion Can Be Enjoyed Three Ways

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Premium Bandai has opened up pre-orders for a Pokemon Gible PC cushion. It will cost 6,380 JPY (approximately $47.20) and will come with a wrist rest as well. It is a PC cushion because you can lean against it and “hug” it between yourself and the desk. However, it also doubles as a plush you can use on the daily. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

According to the product page, there are three methods to enjoy the Gible cushion. First, you can leave it around as decoration. Then, you can use it in its marketed method as a PC cushion. The wrist rest looks like a plush keyboard that attaches to the Gible. However, you can take it off and use the cushion in its third way, which is to simply hug it as a plushie. It is around 50 cm x 40 cm x 48 cm.

Gible is not the first Pokemon to appear as a plush toy or even as a PC accessory. In early 2022, Ensky released a Yamper plush that could double as a wrist rest for when you use your mouse. Gengar is also a popular companion, as the Ghost-type Pokemon has appeared as both an armchair and as a plush-slash-blanket.

The Pokemon Gible PC cushion is available for pre-order from June 24, 2022, and pre-orders will close when Premium Bandai runs out of stock. The cushion will ship out in Japan in October 2022.

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