Pokemon P-Bandai Gengar Cushion Will Roll You Up to Slumber

Pokemon P-Bandai Gengar cushion

Bandai has revealed a new cushion based on the popular Pokemon, Gengar. It is available at 25,950 yen (approximately $250) and will be shipped in June 2021. [Thanks, Pokeshopper!]

While this Gengar merchandise may initially look like an ordinary plush, its 170cm-long tongue can be rolled out to act as a blanket. You can fold its tongue to make a pillow or even use it to roll yourself up. You can also sleep with your head inside Gengar’s mouth.

Pre-orders for this Gengar cushion opened exclusively on the Japanese P-Bandai store on January 8, 2021, at 11:00 AM JST. However, it was quickly sold out in just 1 hour and 14 minutes. It is yet to be known if there will be a second wave of pre-orders or availability outside Japan.

Gengar is a Ghost/Poison-type shadow Pokemon, that is part of the franchise’s first-generation roster. One can obtain this final evolved form of Gastly by trading Haunter without holding an Everstone.

Gengar is one of the more popular Pokemon that has made many appearances in the anime show. It also received a unique costume in the Pokemon GO Halloween 2020 event. Gengar is also one of the Pokemon that made the cut into Pokemon Sword & Shield, the latest mainline titles immediately available on the Nintendo Switch, with its own exclusive Gigantamax form as well.

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