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Gigantimax Toxtricity Raids Are Coming to Pokemon Sword and Shield

gigantimax toxtricity raid

Gigantimax Toxtricity raids are about to begin in Pokemon Sword and Shield. For about a month, people will have a chance to catch a version of Toxtricity that can change into this new form. Things begin on February 6, 2020, and players then have an opportunity to get one of these new friends until March 8, 2020.

While there are two forms of Toxtricity, there is only one Gigantimax Toxtricity form. However, which Pokemon you get that can become it depends on the game you have. Amped Form will be in Pokemon Sword, with Low Key form in Pokemon Shield. (Normally, the nature determines which version Toxel becomes.) One of the main differences between the two, aside from their appearance, is their moveset.

Here’s a video showing a peek at Gigantimax Toxtricity.

The Gigantimax Toxtricity unique move is G-Max Stun Shock. It both damages and paralyzes opposing Pokemon.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are available for the Nintendo Switch. Other recent raids include ones for Milcery and Magikarp.

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